Finding accommodation in Bangkok can seem like a task in itself. With thousands of hotels to choose from, its hard to find the perfect accommodation that ticks all the boxes. However for us, Le Meridien Bangkok did just that. 

Some of the best food we had eaten

The Lobby

Upon arrival we are immediately struck by the hotels chic atmosphere and seamless blend of art & lifestyle. Because of it’s timeless interior design and muted colours, you are transported to a different place and time. The hotel abides by its three pillars which are, the art of travel, culture savouring, and European heritage. All three pillars are effortlessly worked in throughout the hotel. 

With art as one of the core values at Le Meridian Bangkok, they support local artists by featuring their work. The most iconic part of the hotel itself is the gigantic dotted dog sculpture out front. Created by the artist, Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch. The ‘Dots Dog’ or ‘I-Jud’ is featured both at the entrance of the property and inside. If you ever get the chance to stay at Le Meridian Bangkok, we suggest you take some time to walk throughout the property to admire the many pieces of local art. 



The Room

We had the chance to stay in their circular room which had a large circular shaped bed, hence the name. The room itself was immaculate and large enough that the two of us could practically do cartwheels! Additionally, the bathroom is incredible. With beautiful black marble and a very large bath tub. Allowing you to take a relaxing soak after a long day of sightseeing.

The bathroom is also kitted out with all amenities one could ever want, from razors to moisturiser. It also had sweeping views of the city, which made for a great photo opportunity. Additionally, the hotel provides a free ticket to the Thailand Creative and Design Center. So if you ever have a free afternoon, you can make your way there to enjoy some art!

The Views


The Spa

As backpackers, we spend hours carrying heavy items on our backs. We had been waiting for the right time to treat ourselves to a massage and boy were we happy to do so at the hotel spa. We checked in for our 90 minute Hot Lava Touch spa treatment at 4pm. This spa treatment was the hotels specialty, so we truly could not wait to experience it! Upon check in we were greeted with cool menthol towels for our face and hands, along with a delicious tea.

We filled out a form informing the masseuse of where we wanted them to concentrate on the body and the level of firmness of the massage. This was a spectacular touch to the experience because it made it feel more customised to fit our needs. Finally, we got to choose which body oil we wanted for our massage. There were a total of three choices. Calming: Lavender and Tea Tree oil, Energising: Orange Zest and Ginger, and Purifying: Peppermint. We changed into our robes and treated to an amazing experience.

They massaged every part of our bodies. Front and back, including our heads (which for us is quite possibly the best part). It was so enjoyable and relaxing! After the full 90 minutes we changed back into our clothes and sat outside to enjoy a light snack and drink before departing. Overall, the spa experience was well worth it. We felt so relaxed going into the evening!

Also, adjacent to the spa is a fabulous fitness centre with all the equipment you could need to stay in shape, along with the pool. We spent the second day lounging by the pool on one of their comfy day beds and had the best afternoon swimming and relaxing. The staff should also get a notable mention as they would accommodate any of your needs.

Time for a work out


The Food

The food at Le Meridian Bangkok is definitely some of the best we have eaten in awhile. Because we had the chance to eat at the Latest Recipe for breakfast and we were in absolute awe of the variety and surplus of food offered. Every dish is served in smaller portions. This is with the intention of having the guests try multiple items.

They had everything and anything you could think of. From a pancakes french toast bar, eggs cooked to order, yogurt, fruit, smoothies, cheese boards, breads of all sort, ice cream, you name it they pretty much had it. As a result the two of us were pleasantly overwhelmed by the large variety to choose from. We joked that we should have came down for both breakfast and lunch again later! Additionally, as you sit down to eat you are given their famous eye opener shot. A juice shot consisting of lemongrass and passion fruit. To wake you up and ready for the day! 

LE MÉRIDIEN BANGKOK - Breakfast table

Bamboo Chic

Bamboo Chic is the hotels cocktail lounge. Open in the evenings for guests to enjoy, they serve some amazing cocktails. As a result, we went up there one evening to admire the chic atmosphere and relax. 

Le Meridian Bangkok was the perfect place to relax and spend a night. Especially for all the art lovers and foodies out there we highly recommend this hotel for you to stay on your next trip to Bangkok. 

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